The study of commerce focuses on understanding the economic environment and on managing different types of business activity within that environment. An understanding of business concepts and theories will be valuable for any
career path you may pursue. Breadth studies in commerce cover different disciplines offered by the Faculty of Business and Economics, and provide you with a valuable complement to your area of expertise.

Breadth Studies in Commerce brochure (PDF)

Breadth options available

Students taking commerce subjects as breadth are making a smart choice in preparing for their future career. Students can choose subjects from the following disciplines:

Year 12 subject prerequisites

When taken as breadth, different commerce subjects may have VCE prerequisites (or equivalent). If you do not meet any prerequisites, you will not be able to enrol in the subject.

Subjects in finance, actuarial studies and economics require the completion of VCE Units 3/4 Mathematical Methods with a study score of at least 25. Students in the Bachelor of Arts, Environments and Music who do not meet this requirement can take a first year subject called Introduction to Mathematics which is equivalent to VCE Units 3/4 Mathematical Methods. Note that this subject requires the successful completion of VCE Units 1/2 Mathematical Methods.

VCE Units 3/4 prerequisite
AccountingEnglish (any), minimum study score of 25
EconomicsEnglish (any), minimum study score of 25; Maths Methods, minimum study score of 25
FinanceEnglish (any), minimum study score of 25; Maths Methods, minimum study score of 25
ManagementEnglish (any), minimum study score of 25
MarketingEnglish (any), minimum study score of 25