Bachelor of Commerce students are able to take between 50 and 75 points of breadth – you are required to take a minimum of four breadth subjects throughout your degree, but you can take up to eight if you wish. There are no rules about what breadth studies you should choose.

Breadth information in the University Handbook

Specific breadth sequences

There are specific breadth sequences that have been developed for Commerce students which lead to graduate study in these areas. Sequences are available in:

If you are interested in obtaining a recognised qualification in another discipline, you can also undertake a concurrent diploma. You are able to pursue a concurrent diploma alongside the Bachelor of Commerce.

Breadth subjects and tracks

The University Handbook provides a information on single subjects available as breadth, as well as breadth tracks that Commerce students can pursue. We encourage you to explore your options so you can choose subjects that are right for you. Areas that offer breadth studies include:

  • Australian Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Education
  • Environments
  • Historical studies
  • Information technology
  • Land and Environments
  • Law
  • Music
  • Philosophy

Note that this is only a small selection of the study areas available, so please visit the University Handbook for a more comprehensive listing.