You are considered to be a domestic student for admissions purposes if you hold one of the following:

  • Australian citizenship
  • New Zealand citizenship
  • Australian permanent residency
  • Australian Permanent Humanitarian Visa

If you do not fall under one of these categories, you are considered an international student.

How to apply

Australian students wanting to apply for the Bachelor of Commerce must submit an application through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC). Domestic students studying overseas must also apply through VTAC.

If you are hoping to apply for a place in the Bachelor of Commerce (Chancellor's Scholar's Program) please refer to the information provided on the University's Future Students website.

If you are a local student hoping to transfer into the Melbourne Commerce degree, you would also lodge an application through VTAC. This is true for students transferring from another institution and students enrolled in another degree at the University of Melbourne.

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All commencing domestic undergraduate students at the University of Melbourne will be enrolled in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP).

A CSP is a higher education place for which the Australian Government provides funding towards the cost of your education, and you would only pay a proportion of the cost of your fees through a student contribution. For a student entitled to a CSP in 2012, the estimated full-time yearly contribution is $9,425 ($1,178 per 12.5 credit point subject).

If you are eligible, you may also be able to use a government loan called HECS-HELP to help pay your remaining student contribution. HECS-HELP lets you borrow the amount of your student contribution and then pay the loan back once you are in the workforce and earning more than a specified amount ($47,196 in 2012). Alternatively, you can pay your student contribution upfront and receive a 5% discount for contributions of $500 or more.

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Advanced standing and exemptions

If you have completed university level subjects in VCE or are applying to transfer into the Bachelor of Commerce from another tertiary institution, you may be eligible for advanced standing (or credit). Please note that advanced standing and exemptions are only granted for subjects that are deemed equivalent in content and standard to those taught as part of the Melbourne Commerce degree. Consult the University's Advanced Standing Policy if you are unsure.

If you believe you are eligible for advanced standing, you can apply to have your subjects assessed once you accept your offer of a place in the degree. Applications can take up to two weeks to process so it is best to apply as soon as possible. You will need to attach relevant documents (i.e. academic transcript, subject syllabus including week by week list of topics, detailed account of the course) to your credit application, so make sure you have these on hand. Note that applications for advanced standing are assessed by academics on a case-by-case basis only, and we are unable to guarantee the number of subjects you will receive credit for. Contact the Commerce Student Centre for advice.