Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) is ideal preparation for a successful career. This challenging and rewarding year of additional study in your area of interest equips you with specialised knowledge in your chosen field. Our Honours graduates are highly sought within the corporate sector, while others go on to pursue further study at Masters or PhD levels in Australia or overseas.

Honours is an additional (fourth) year of specialised study in one or two disciplines, including accounting, actuarial studies, economics, finance, management or marketing. Honours is challenging and rewarding, with small class sizes, a collaborative approach to learning and an emphasis on specialised subject areas.

You will develop new research skills, improve your analytical and professional skills and enhance your employability. Honours adds considerable value to your résumé as it demonstrates commitment and dedication, as well as achievement of high level of expertise in a particular discipline.

Honours is normally taken on a full-time basis immediately after finishing the requirements for the three-year pass degree in Commerce. Graduates of other institutions are also welcome to apply.

Bachelor of Commerce (Degree with Honours)

Melissa ChinDoing Honours in Finance dramatically improved my analytical and professional skills. The learning curve from the Commerce degree to the Commerce Honours degree is very steep, however, on the completion of the course you are left with the satisfaction that you have learned so much more. It sharpens your ability to approach a problem from different angles and teaches perseverance. The course forced me to think outside the box and use creativity and critical analysis, which I really appreciated.

Melissa Chin
BCom graduate; now works at PwC Consulting