The Bachelor of Commerce is an ideal pathway to a professional career

Employment opportunities span the globe in a variety of industries including the business, government and not-for-profit sectors. The degree provides you with the knowledge and technical skills you need to succeed in the career of your choice.

Giulia MastroianniI selected the Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne in Year 12 knowing it would provide me with a broad set of skills which I could apply in any field. The university name was also an asset I knew I could take with me into job interviews. I have thoroughly enjoyed my overall experience and it will be sad to leave – four years has been and gone so quickly! – but I know I am prepared for the challenges I will face when I begin my career next year, as a graduate at LEK Consulting.Giulia Mastroianni
Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) student

Benefit from excellent career outcomes

Melbourne Commerce graduates are highly sought after, and are valued for the depth of their education and their broad range of skills. Our alumni work all over the world in a vast range of industries.

Career outcomes

Professional accreditation

Australian professional associations such as CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants, the Institute of Actuaries of Australia and the CFA Institute recognise the Bachelor of Commerce. Through their links with equivalent bodies throughout the world, the Bachelor of Commerce is recognised internationally.

Professional accreditation

Flexible course structure

Melbourne Commerce students receive comprehensive business training and enjoy the freedom to explore complementary disciplines. The core curriculum will develop your foundation business skills and provide specialist training in a Commerce discipline of your choice, or 'major'. There are seven Commerce majors to choose from, with the
opportunity to complete two majors and to undertake breadth sequences in Engineering, Psychology, Property and Construction.

BCom course structure

Internationally recognised staff

Academics at the Faculty of Business and Economics are renowned worldwide for teaching and research excellence.
Recognised as innovative, expert researchers, our academics collaborate in international research projects and publish significant works that inform managers across the globe. Possessing a diverse range of qualifications from some of the world's leading institutions, our academics also have extensive teaching, research and consulting experience with
a variety of institutions, non-government organisations, multinational companies and government bodies. Examples of these affiliations include: Asia Development Bank, Harvard University, London Business School, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the Royal Bank of Scotland, the University of Oxford, United States International Trade Commission (USITC), World Trade Organization (WTO) and Yale University.

Faculty of Business and Economics

Extensive support and unique student experience

The Faculty of Business and Economics offers a suite of opportunities and extra-curricular activities to help you make the most of your time at uni. In addition to facilities and student services provided by the University, Commerce students have access to: